A New Paradigm for Elderly Care

INDE Is An Affordable Safety & Health Monitoring System That Delivers A Superior Assisted Living Experience.

Know, better…

  • if they have a safety issue...
  • if their activities are normal...
  • if they are sleeping well...
  • if they are up...
  • if they are active...
  • if they are social...
  • if they need more attention...

if they’re OK.

Give your residents and staff the peace of mind that comes with being able to quickly detect subtle changes in key health indicators that assist in a proactive approach to providing health care.

Using wireless technology and proprietary algorithms, INDE offers residents and staff more freedom, more awareness, more insight, better care, and peace of mind.

How INDE Works

  • Wireless
  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Thorough

INDE is the smart way to stay in-the-know about those in your care. Using a system of non-intrusive sensors INDE allows for 24/7/365 monitoring and collection of resident health indicators as well as delivering realtime notifications to your staff of resident calls and safety events.

INDE tracks your residents daily activities and automatically detects and notifies your staff of deviations from the norm in the form of easy to interpret, graphic rich reports.

Click on each to learn the activity tracked by INDE.

Sleep Quality

Tracks daily time in bed by both night and day, and number of times residents get up at night to detect differences in sleep quality.


Tracks daily activity time within residents personal space to detect differences in daily activity levels.


Tracks daily socializing time to detect differences in residents interaction time.

Bathroom Usage

Tracks daily toilet usage to detect differences that can indicate residents urinary issues.

Bathroom Activity

Tracks daily time in the bathroom to detect differences in a residents hygiene activity and if they need more bathroom assistance.

Resident Calls

Personal resident calls for assistance are delivered to facility staff in realtime.


Resident safety issues are detected and alerts are delivered to facility staff in realtime.

Resident Calls

Personal resident calls for assistance are delivered to facility staff in realtime.

INDE Provides You With:

Visual and auditory alerts are sent in realtime to the computer and to mobile devices carried by staff.

Saftety Alerts:

  • Wandering at Night
  • Night Falling
  • Not Out of Bed in the Morning
  • Resident Call


The “Facility: Daily Activity Tracking Report” provides staff members with a snapshot of the 24-hour daily activity status of all of the facilities residents in one convenient easy to read report. Staff members can quickly generate reports by date, room number, or by priority of health indicators.

Easy-to-read color-coded icons, whose colors are determined by trends over time periods and/or deviations from baseline averages, indicate a resident’s status on:

  • Sleep
  • Activity
  • Social Behavior
  • Toilet Usage
  • Hygiene / Bathroom Activity
  • Calls for Assistance

The easy-to-read “Resident: Daily Detailed Report” is an in-depth look at the tracking of a residents 24-hour daily activity cycle that features color-coded icons and detailed activity charting for 2, 4 or 8 weeks. It includes:


  • Time in bed at night
  • Number of times out of bed at night
  • Morning rise time
  • Time in bed during the day


  • Total time in bedroom & bathroom


  • Time spent outside of the room during the day


  • How often the toilet is used


  • Time spent in the bathroom (non-toilet use)


  • Number of resident calls for assistance


  • Total number of safety events

INDE generates “Staff Log Reports” that track and log key staff activities, assist with facility compliance and provide valuable insight for optimizing staffing levels.

Bed Check Report

  • Tracks and logs the staff’s nightly periodic room/bed checks for each resident.

Call Follow Up Report

  • Tracks and logs the staff’s follow up to resident’s calls and realtime safety alerts.

Daily Activity Alert Follow Up Report

  • Tracks and logs the staff’s follow up to resident’s daily activity alerts.

Night Time Lighting

  • INDE automatically activates lights in the bedroom and bathroom when a resident gets up from the bed at night.

The INDE Advantage

Differentiate Your Facility from the Competition

  • Develop a reputation for progressive amenities
  • Passively identify changing health conditions accurately and in a timely manner
  • Proactive management of resident needs
  • Prioritize care to those that need it most
  • Data driven care
  • 24/7/365 over-site

Reduced Risk for Your Facility

  • Identify lapses in care before a problem arises
  • Reduce liability

Increased Service Revenue

  • Better awareness of additional health needs
  • Utilize hard data when communicating with residents and love ones
  • Sell based upon objective data

Enhanced Resident Experience

  • Added safety
  • Automatic safety functions, example: auto lighting
  • Peace of mind
  • Proactive approach to health issues

Reduction In Turnover

  • Stabilize occupancy rates
  • Slow resident progression through the care continuum
  • Decrease discharge rates

Staff Benefits

  • Effective staff utilization / Increased productivity / Operational efficiency
  • Optimum staffing / Staff according to resident need / Reduce staff turnover
  • System helps maintain care continuity resulting from typically high labor turnover
  • Happier staff leads to less turnover

Affordable Technology Solution

  • No up-front installation costs
  • No equipment costs

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